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How Do I Improve my Financial Modelling Skills with the help of an Investment Banking Course?

Are you looking to excel in financial modeling for Investment Banking?

Follow these 10 effective steps to build accurate and efficient models that will impress your mentors and potential employers.

1) Blueprint: Plan Ahead

Before diving into your financial model, create a blueprint of the entire structure. Analyze the available information and outline the key components on a blank paper or through a flow diagram. This thoughtful approach will save you time and prevent confusion.

2) Break It Down: Step-by-Step

Don't overwhelm yourself with all the data at once. Break down the model into manageable sub-components. Follow this flow: Industry to Company; Company to Subsidiary; Subsidiary to Individual Drivers. Visualize the flow and chart it out before you even open Excel.

3) No-Mouse Policy: Embrace Shortcuts

Increase your productivity by ditching the mouse. Memorize and print out common Excel shortcuts, displaying them visibly on your desk. You'll be amazed at how much faster and efficient you become.

4) Flow: Connect the Statements

Create the cash flow statement by linking your Balance Sheet and P&L. Roll forward the Balance Sheet using the P&L and Cash Flow. These three statements should be seamlessly interconnected.

5) Do Not HARDCODE: Stay Dynamic

Avoid hardcoding numbers, except for the assumptions sheet. Using dynamic formulas will ensure smoother calculations and fewer complications down the road.

6) Beautify: Make Your Model Stand Out

Take the time to enhance the aesthetics of your model:

a) Turn off gridlines for a cleaner look.

b) Use a color scheme (Blue, Green, Black, and Red) to differentiate data efficiently.

c) Utilize macros to create interactive dashboards and scenarios.

7) Enable Iterations: Embrace Flexibility

Enable iterations in your model to allow for accurate circular references. This will prevent Circular Reference Errors from haunting you.

8) Take Help & Self Learn: Continuous Improvement

Invest in your learning journey. Seek guidance from mentors, watch videos, and explore various sources to understand the process. Most importantly, practice is key. Redo the sheets within 24 hours to enhance your neural network's memory.

9) Feedback: Embrace Constructive Criticism

Share your model with experienced professionals or mentors to receive valuable feedback. Accept criticism gracefully and use it to refine your skills.

10) Screen: Eye Comfort Matters

Invest in a good monitor to reduce eye strain during long modeling sessions.

If you're seeking an investment banking course with placement and certification, explore the best investment banking courses of Wizenius available online. Remember, practice, dedication, and continuous learning will help you master financial modeling and propel your career in Investment Banking to new heights.


Pratik S


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