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Skills an Undergraduate should have to start a career towards Investment Banking

As a BBA graduate or any undergraduate, you have the advantage of time! Time is on your side, so make the most of it. Here are key skills to target an investment banking career:

1. Financial Statements: Master the concepts of Balance Sheet, P&L, and Cash Flow statement. Regularly practice exercises to create these statements. Aim for a balanced Balance Sheet! (Don't worry if it doesn't tally at first, mine didn't either!)

2. Financial News: Develop a habit of reading financial news. Start with different types of news and seek help from seniors or research online for unfamiliar terms. News is a gateway to the outside world. Dig deeper into articles related to Equity markets, IPOs, M&As, Private Equity Fundings, and Startups.

3. Excel and PowerPoint: Become a master of these two applications! This is the perfect time to learn Excel formulas and create visually appealing presentations as they are fundamental to an investment banker's work.

4. Financial Modelling: Practice financial statements in Excel to build comfort and eventually transition to financial modelling. This skillset is crucial and often assessed during investment banking job interviews.

5. Communication: Enhance your communication skills. Take opportunities to present or speak in front of an audience, such as joining Toastmasters or similar clubs. Improving confidence, especially when conversing with authoritative figures or addressing a larger audience, will benefit your interactions with top executives during deals in your future IB job.

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Thanks, Pratik S


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