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3 things the quality of an Information Memorandum depends on

The 3 things the quality of an Information Memorandum depends on

1) Questionnaire

2) Research

3) Formatting

An Information Memorandum (IM) is a document that is prepared by investment banks to give an overview of a client to prospective investors

1) Questionnaire: This becomes very very important especially when you write the IM for a private company. Lack of public data increases the dependency on the information that you get from your client.

Asking the right questions will fetch you the meat that is required for your analysis. Taking notes during client calls, meetings helps in plugging holes into your IM

2) Research: The IM not only paints the internal picture of the company but also helps an investor assess the market position of the company in a wider perspective. Hence detailed research about the industry, trends, drivers and regulations becomes important part of the IM

3) Formatting: The beauty of the IM (or a pitch book) lies in the fact that it is a crisp document with a use of infographics to tell the story. It becomes very important to correctly dress up this story telling document.

This is where the attention to details are required at a much granular level. Small things like adherence to color pallet, no slide jumps, consistent font sizes, and styles will take your IM to another level

Humans love hearing stories and the IM is a story book that is prepared for some of the smartest audience groups.

Pratik S

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