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4 growth hacks for freshers/juniors/folks who have just switched industries

Attend as many meetings/conference calls as possible. Why is this such an effective strategy? Its simple

1) Crash Course: Meetings, conference calls are crash courses in getting a view of what is happening around you. It puts you right in the middle of the action which is way better than passive training

2) Take Notes: Taking notes is great way of self learning. It not only helps you but would also help a senior who is active during the discussions who may later fall back to your notes to recollect vital minutes of the meeting.

3) Live Action: Such meetings, calls are playgrounds of the seasoned professionals where many of their skills are on display like negotiations, communication, dealing with tough questions without loosing cool (most of the times!).

These skills cannot be taught but have to be absorbed. Make your self available when such a learning opportunity arises

4) Builds Trust: If you show up regularly, takes notes for your seniors. You will eventually become a natural choice for such crucial meetings in future. This gives you ample of opportunities to showcase your skills and grow quicker in the firm

Consistency, persistency and the art of showing up are the ingredients to effectively implement this strategy!


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