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Golden Triangle: Growth = ROC * RR | Learnings in Investment banking course, Financial modelling

Welcome to our investment banking training course, where we delve into the dynamic world of finance and equip aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills to excel in this competitive industry.

In this blog post, we will explore an influential concept coined by finance guru Ashwath Damodaran—the Golden Triangle. Understanding this powerful framework can help you unravel the secrets to sustainable growth in the realm of investment banking.

The Golden Triangle: Growth = ROC * RR

Ashwath Damodaran's Golden Triangle encapsulates the fundamental relationship between growth, return on capital (ROC), and the retention ratio (RR). By examining these key elements, we can gain valuable insights into a company's potential for long-term success.

  1. Growth: The Engine of Progress Growth is the lifeblood of any company, driving its expansion and prosperity. By measuring the annual percentage increase in earnings, revenue, or relevant metrics, we gauge a company's ability to thrive. However, understanding the factors that fuel sustainable growth is paramount.

  2. Return on Capital (ROC): Efficiency Meets Profitability Return on Capital evaluates a company's proficiency in generating profits from the capital invested in its operations. It serves as a key indicator of how effectively a company utilizes its resources to create value. A high ROC signifies a company's ability to generate substantial returns, making it an attractive investment prospect.

  3. Retention Ratio (RR): Reinventing for Success The retention ratio, or plowback ratio, measures the proportion of earnings reinvested back into the company for growth and expansion. By retaining a portion of earnings rather than distributing them as dividends, a company can allocate funds towards internal projects, research and development, or strategic acquisitions. This reinvestment fuels further growth potential.

Unleashing the Power of the Golden Triangle:

The Golden Triangle unveils the formula for sustainable growth—Growth = ROC * RR. By multiplying a company's ROC by its RR, we estimate its potential growth rate. This formula underscores the critical connection between a company's ability to generate profitable returns on capital and its reinvestment efforts.

Applying the Golden Triangle to Investment Banking: For professionals in the investment banking sector, understanding the Golden Triangle is essential. By employing this framework, analysts and investors can assess the growth potential of companies, aiding in valuation, decision-making, and identifying promising investment opportunities. The Golden Triangle allows for a comprehensive evaluation of a company's growth strategy, financial health, and long-term prospects.


As you embark on your investment banking training journey, remember to embrace the powerful insights offered by the Golden Triangle. By recognizing the interplay between growth, return on capital, and the retention ratio, you will gain a deeper understanding of sustainable growth and its implications within the investment banking landscape. Empowered with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions and contribute to the success of your clients and organizations.

Enroll in our investment banking training course today and unlock the secrets to navigating the complex world of finance, armed with the knowledge and tools to excel in this dynamic industry.

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